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AOL Mail SMTP Settings A Know-How Guide for a Beginner

AOL Mail is a mail service that provides its users with personalised mail experience, that they desire to have. You can customise your AOL Mail Settings as per your needs. In order to send and receive AOL mail via 3rd party email client, you need to manually configure the  AOL Mail Settings. With correct AOL Mail Settings, it becomes easier for setting up your AOL email account in the email client. You have to configure the server and port number which support AOL Mail. AOL supports access through IMAP, POP3, as well as SMTP protocol.

 For sending the mail from an email client using AOL Mail, you have to give the instructions to access the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server. We use AOL Mail SMTP Settings only for sending the mail. While Post Office Protocol (POP) or Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) is used for downloading and reading the mail.  



AOL Mail SMTP Settings remains same irrespective of the device or programme you are using. SMTP server takes care of the delivery of your messages. To send or respond to an email from an AOL Mail Account, you are required to enter your AOL SMTP setting details in the required fields. This information has to be entered during the account setup while sending a mail from AOL account through an email programme. 
Following are the SMTP Settings information. Enter the information carefully in order to avoid any hindrance in the AOL Mail Settings. 
  • SMTP Server Address:
  • Username: AOL main screen name i.e. Words that come before “”. 
Eg: In mail address-, the SMTP username will be “Me”.
  • Password: Your AOL Mail password
  • Security: TLS (Transport Layer Security) or SSL(Secure Sockets Layer)
  • Port: 587 (with TLS) or 465 (with SSL)
  • Sending Limit: 500 emails or 100 connections a day


IMAP is the Internet Message Access Protocol, which allows you to access your email. AOL IMAP does not downloads or stores the data in the device. It just reads the message and saves it on the server. The IMAP protocol setting is a common setting that people generally opt for. As it keeps the email in the remote email server. Also, it allows multiple devices to access your mail. Along with this, it also keeps all the devices synced with the mail server. Following are the AOL IMAP Settings.
  • Incoming Server Address:
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
  • Username: Full AOL email address. Eg:
  • Password: Your AOL Mail password
  • Port: 993 (SSL)
This is the information you have to add while you choose IMAP in AOL Mail Settings. 


POP3 is Post Office Protocol. It works just the opposite of IMAP. POP3 downloads the messages onto your device and removes them from the email service. Hence, it means after your email got downloaded, it can only be accessed from that particular device. This is an original protocol which downloads the email from the remote server. It is not a widely used protocol as it stores the email on the single device only. 
In order to access AOL Mail using POP3, you have to configure your email client with correct settings. Following are the AOL Mail Setting using POP3. 
  • Incoming Server Address:
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
  • Username: Your full AOL email address. Eg:
  • Password: same as your AOL Mail password
  • Port: 995 (SSL)
These are the AOL Mail Settings. While accessing mail from third-party software, use the above setting information. This information will help you in a successful configuration.


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